MUSIC FOR UNINVITED GUESTS—Illustrations by Jon Claytor


“Some of the narrator’s insights are expressed so beautifully that if you heard them over and over…you would memorize them or, if there were people around, start demanding silence for them…” -Lee Sheppard, The Rusty Toque

“All of the stories here…have a broken-in quality that sucks you right in, like you’re finally learning the backstories of all the regulars at a small-town bar…”  –David Berry, The National Post

“[A] series of emotionally complex visions rich with colloquial dialogue…” –Andrew Patterson, The Coast

“A cast of guarded characters surveying the barriers they’ve created, but never fully understanding why these barriers are created in the first place. Preventing the trespassing of the bad, but also the good. Photo-realistic renderings of lives at impasse and the unclear way forward…” –Dylan T. Green, Weird Canada

“This is an excellent collection of short stories by a Canadian renaissance woman… I’ve seen her perform as a gifted actress and here she is writing these captivating stories that seamlessly blend witty humour and earthy gravitas.” -CBC blog post What’cha Readin’?

“It is charming, but more than that. Absolutely unique, and engaging…” –Lynn Crosbie

“These stories can be frustratingly truncated—often ending just as we’ve fallen for their subjects… [H]er ability to carve tragedy, humour, and insight into each vignette leaves us wanting more. And that’s a good thing.” -Mark Teo, This Magazine

Trailer by Lara Mrkoci