Team Powerhouse at Brown & Dickson

The last time I saw my friend Henry Svec, we were recording vocals at the Sugar Shack in London, Ontario for his album, Artificially Intelligent Folk Songs of Canada, Vol. 1. He recently emailed Jenny Berkel and I from an artist residency in Mississippi about organizing a book launch in London for his friend, Lindsay Bird, who just released her debut poetry collection, Boom Time. After just a few exchanges, Jenny, Lindsay and I were referring to the prospective launch as a ‘POWERHOUSE EVENT,’ signing our emails as ‘the triple B threat’ and peppering our correspondence with fireball and explosion emojis as we continued to posit an Avengers End Game scale book launch (because that’s a thing that exists, right?). Henry was keeping up at first, but eventually resorted to chiming in nonsensically using Gmail’s suggested auto-replies. “Henry, I know you’re using the autoresponder,” I wrote to him privately. “Count me in!” was his reply.

Thank you Lindsay, for making the trek all the way from Corner Brook, Newfoundland! And thank you Brown & Dickson for hosting. XO