There's no place like Blackfriars Nursery

The hometown release show at Blackfriars Nursery was pure enchantment. For weeks, I was trying to find a venue for the show—and within hours of chatting with Tania Dupon-Martinez and Sue Jory, the entire event was planned. It’s interesting to watch Tania and Sue plan together. They both have uncanny metaphorical powers, meaning they know how to access your hard-to-describe sense of style and meaning and turn it into a tangible expression of who you are. They also have ‘the elevation gene,’ meaning they are hilariously incapable of doing anything half-assed. Take the following scene as an example, called ‘Tania & Sue Make Lunch:’
TANIA: Are you hungry? Maybe we should make a simple lunch.

SUE: A simple lunch! Definitely. How about pasta? I’ve got some dough I could quickly roll and cut…?

TANIA: Terrific! While you’re doing that, I can zip home and get some cherry tomatoes and fresh basil from my garden. Oh, and crazy coincidence…? I’ve actually been making my own olive oil!

SUE: Ooh, delish! That reminds me… I have some feta in the freezer from last summer when I was hiking in the Peloponnese. A shepherd approached me with a little satchel of fresh cheese and insisted I try some on a crust of homemade bread. I don’t remember how I brought it back to Canada, come to think of it…

TANIA: Awesome! Then we’ll just throw it all together and have a nice, simple lunch…?

SUE: Yeah, just a nice, simple lunch. Perfect!

MISHA: I’ll get some Doritos.
Thank you Sue and Tania, you marvelous women, for an evening that was beautiful beyond my wildest hope! And thank you Mariam Waliji for these photo souvenirs from the night. XO