Misha is an artist and educational aide based in London, Ontario. She writes stories, makes music and assists college students with disabilities in their pursuit of academic goals. She is also interested in the study of psychology and art, particularly the relationship between storytelling, musicality and identity.

A co-founder of Toronto-based band Bruce Peninsula and an accomplished vocal guest with Daniel Romano, The Weather Station, City and Colour, Timber Timbre and Snowblink, Misha now emerges as a singer-songwriter with her debut album, Trying to Have it All.

Misha’s last solo effort was a collection of short stories titled Music for Uninvited Guests (Cringles, 2012). On Trying to Have it All, she tells new stories in song, each track delineating a character in a crucial moment of disclosure. Defiant, playful, reflective, radically honest—each character is accompanied by an arrangement that opens up like a secret inner door. With a full band, soaring strings, intimate guitar and piano and impassioned vocals, Trying to Have it All is a journey through different takes on the art of coping.

Produced by Misha and her long-time friend Will Kidman (The Constantines), Trying to Have it All features a cast of acclaimed artists including Will (electric guitar and piano), Nathan Lawr (drums), Dallas Wehrle (bass), Lisa Conway (backup vocals), Mika Posen, Kelly Larochette, Jill Sauerteig and Julia Narveson (strings).

To inquire about interviews, musical events, readings and talks/presentations related to psychology and art, please email mishabower@gmail.com.

Photo by Colin Medley